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Retreat in Colorado

Give yourself the opportunity to spend 4 or 5 days delving deeply within yourself doing sacred inner transformational work here in the healing presence of the Rocky Mountains. I live in the foothills 35 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. Together we will embark on deepening your inner journey to:

  • Transformation
  • Empowerment
  • Healing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies
  • Opening and Activating your Soul Star (8th chakra) where your soul purpose is held
  • Enhancing your practice of inner dialogue through the sacred practice of journaling (or learning this sacred practice if you are not currently engaging in sacred writing)
  • Visiting several sacred vortexes in the mountains to align, activate, commune, and empower self
  • Opening and deepening your inner communion with your physical body
  • Several Integrated Energy Therapy sessions for clearing, healing, and imprinting higher vibrations of Light and Love and Wisdom
  • Working daily with the enlightened presence of beautiful crystals to release self-limitations and self-doubt and to activate and align with your own Divinity

In addition to the above inner work:

  • I will pick you up and return you to the Denver airport (as long as you arrive and depart during daylight hours)
  • Provide you with a lovely guest room and a light breakfast during your stay (you will be responsible for lunch and dinner - I have several natural food grocery stores in town and many restaurants to choose from.)

Fee: to be determined when you book your retreat - it will depend on how many days you are here and the nature of the work you choose to do with me

Dates: Any time during the spring, summer, and fall months

To book: call Marie Desroches at (928) 225-0408

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