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Reiki Treatments

"There is a Light in this world...
a healing spirit much stronger than
any darkness we may encounter.
We sometimes lose sight of this force...
where there is suffering, too much pain.
Then suddenly the spirit will emerge...
through the lives of ordinary people
and answer in extraordinary ways."
~ Mother Teresa ~
In Japanese, Reiki means Universal "rei" Life Force Energy "ki". Reiki amplifies our life force energy or inner healing light, known as "ki". It is a holistic healing art for stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual growth. Healthy "ki" balances and nourishes our physical, mental and emotional energy.

In the Encarta Dictionary, Reiki is defined as "a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue". While this is true, many people also experience Reiki as a form of Divine healing love that deepens their experience of their innate spirituality.

Reiki Energy TherapyReiki is a hands-on healing system based on channeling ki. Life force energy is present in all living things. A shortage or blockage of this energy results in physical, mental and/or spiritual imbalance and illness.

A Reiki attunement is, indeed, a sacred meditation. The purpose of a Reiki attunement is two-fold; to invite and allow healing on all levels, and to bring us into a harmonious relationship with the Reiki energy.

As in Integrated Energy Therapy, one of the things that take place during a Reiki attunement is that our subtle energy system clears and releases blocks. At the same time, our subtle energy bodies are strengthened. This helps lift the walls and illusions we may be holding between our personality/ego and our God self.

Reiki TreatmentsAs a Certified Reiki Master, trained in the attunement technique, I share this process with individuals who have the spiritual desire and intention to awaken their inner healing power.

1 hour appointment - $85
Phone appointments available as well as in person appointments.
Call or email me for an appointment.
(928) 225-0408

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