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Integrated Energy Therapy

Image of an Angel - Intgrated Energy TherapyIntegrated Energy Therapy uses focused healing energy to clear energy blocks that have accumulated in the body and are now hindering the natural flow of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Through the releasing of these blocks, you will begin to feel more self-empowered, spiritually connected and able to move through life more easily. Once blockages are removed from all nine cellular memory areas and the energy field, you are able to connect with your life's purpose and experience innocence, forgiveness, support, freedom, safety, love, trust and pride. The goal of IET, simply put, is true, authentic JOY.

"...every time we suppress our emotions, our energy flow is restricted. That blocked energy is held in our cellular structure. This holding and blocked energy flow is the basis for our unhappiness and illnesses." Stevan Thayer, founder of IET

Brief History of Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy - Clarkdale, AZ - Quiet MountainsStevan Thayer was an electrical engineer, an admitted Type A personality who worked for Bell Labs for many years. He began loathing his job, having panic attacks and free floating anger. With much apprehension, he sought therapy. His therapist tuned into his repressed sadness and he burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably for about 15 minutes. He felt tremendous relief afterward. Being the consummate engineer, he had to find out how his therapist was able to evoke that release. This experience propelled Stevan into the holistic healing field. He became a White Light Reiki Master and had a successful practice in New Jersey.

In his work, he started to discover correlations between the emotions people were feeling and certain parts of the body. In 1995, Thayer experienced a shift in his logical paradigm when Ariel and other angels began assisting him directly in his healing work.

Energy HealingIn collaboration with Ariel and other angels, he discovered - a cellular memory map - where specific emotions are held in the body. Most of us are aware of some of these cellular memory areas. When we feel threatened by a person or situation, often our neck gets stiff. When we have a list of "shoulds" to do, our shoulders ache. Stevan also learned that there were nine "power point" areas where these blocked emotions could easily be released with the help of angelic energies.

The two photos at left show a client's aura field before haveing an IET session with Marie and after working with Marie. The left hand photo shows a lot of anger and a lot of unbalanced emotional energy. The photo on the right shows how the energy has become balanced and the person is now experiencing deep spiritual and emotional peace (blue and violet). The green on the left side of the right photo shows that a healing has taken place."

For more in-depth information regarding IET and Steven Thayer, go to www.centerofbeing.com or www.learniet.com

Marie doing IET on burros
Marie performing IET on burros at an animal shelter in Chino Valley, AZ
One hour appointment - $110.

Phone appointments available as well as
in-person appointments.

Call or email me for an appointment.
(928) 225-0408

A client came to Marie with liver enzymes that had been elevated for several years. Marie did bi-monthly IET sessions on her and also engaged her in a forgiveness ritual. The client recently had her blood re-tested and her results are below:

Name of Blood Test Lab Test on 11/08 before IET Sessions w/Marie Reference only: what normal blood range should be for this test Blood Test Results on 5/12/09 after IET Sessions w/Marie
GGT 192 5 - 60 54
Alkaline Phosphatase 193 39 - 170 135
ALT 80 2 - 46 25
AST 40 10 - 41 24

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