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Feng Shui Consultation by Quiet Mountains LLC
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Feng Shui is the ancient art of understanding the significance of our environment as it empowers or disempowers our life.  Feng Shui is a powerful tool used in working with the energy in your home or office in a way that enhances every aspect of your life by aligning with the principles of harmony and energy flow.   I am certified in the BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhism) method of Feng Shui and am certified by the Golden School of Feng Shui Designs Inc.  Below are the various Feng Shui services I offer:
Phone Consultation

  • Phone consultation for one issue – working with you over the phone for 30 minutes to resolve one issue that you may have $35

Home/Office Clearing

  • I will go to your home or office and physically do an energy clearing of your space.  Together we will use sound and intention to clear your space – this clears the energy and allows you to fully receive all the gifts the universe is sending you – health, balance, harmony, increase cash flow, and healthy/balanced relationships - 30 minutes $35

Whole home evaluation and recommendation

  • Whole home evaluation and recommendation $125 – this includes walking through your home and yard or your office with you while discussing the issues that I see as we walk through.  In addition I will send you a multi-page report outlining my findings and recommendations for you to make that will change the energy in your life/home.  This takes approximately 2 ½ hours to complete.
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