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Archetype Readings

Archetype ReadingIdentifying and understanding your archetypes (personality patterns) gives you an understanding of yourself on a much deeper level. Archetype readings reveal insights into your relationships, life purpose, health concerns, career path, and your passions. It is a tool that highlights the face of your strengths as well as your areas of vulnerability. Armed with these insights, we develop a strategy to step more fully into your strengths while understanding the lessons and the value of your challenges.

Archetype ReadingsArchetype readings show you how to move forward into the energy of your destiny; they teach you how to apply archetypal patterns for healing, insight, problem solving and creative expression.   Working with an expanded profile of thirty-six archetypes, I provide individuals with a panoramic overview of their entire life's journey.  I am certified as an Archetype Consultant and have been doing archetype readings for 15 years. I studied with Dr. Carolyn Myss, PhD. and am a graduate of CMED Institute.

1 ½ hr. appointment $110

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