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Marie Desroches

Certified Archetypal Consultant
Numerology Consultant with 30 years experience
Certified Reiki Master
Master-Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy
Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Each one of us has gifts, strengths, and natural aptitudes that we are born with. My passion is to assist you in discovering, recognizing, uncovering, and evolving these powerful and natural assets so they become more available to you and assist you in living a more empowered and satisfying life. Together we will uncover your innate personality patterns (archetypal patterns), align and transform patterns that no longer serve you (using Integrated Energy Therapy), and understand the cycles that are present in your life while discovering how to use these patterns for your benefit (numerology). By working with me, you will enter into a deeper understanding of your own profound gifts, discover the purpose of your challenges, and open yourself up to have greater access to your own inner guidance. The details of how I work are contained in the following text and additional pages on this website.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"
- Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Quiet Mountains!!!
I am almost exclusively using the following tools with all the clients who choose to work with me:  journal work; dream recall; using/working with crystals for healing and empowerment; using Integrated Energy Therapy (either remotely or here locally) as a hands on healing technique; using the principles of feng shui; and using angel readings.  We will initially use archetype readings and numerology readings to understand more fully your personality traits and soul destiny.   After that we'll use the tools I have mentioned above.  The above tools have been proven by myself and my clients again and again to assist in living a more empowered and joyful life. 
What I ask of anyone who chooses to work with me are: (1) a willingness to make time to develop a powerful relationship with yourself and (2) a willingness to put into practice your revelations, insights, and changes that result from our sessions together.  We would have one session a month or one session every two months depending on what works for you.  The fee for each session is $55 and lasts approximately 1 ½ hours.

These tools work – they are powerful – they are proven.  We all have the capacity to step up and live a joyful life and I am honored to share these tools with you.  It is powerful inner work you will be engaging in with yourself, with your inner God I Am, with the Light Realm, and with all your angels, guides, and masters.

In addition to the work I have outlined above, I also offer workshops (listed on this website) that I give here in my office in Colorado or I will also travel to your area to give these workshops provided there will be a minimum number of attendees attending.  To discuss this possibility, call me direct and we will discuss the details.

We live in very powerful and intense times and the universal energies being offered to us at this time are so conducive to assisting each of us in stepping more fully into an empowered life.  If you are interested in delving into your inner mysteries and realizing the magnificent being that you are, I invite you to work with me.  Blessing to you!!!

Quiet Mountains...an Invitation to Wholeness - Clarkdale, AZ"The work that you did with me on archetypes and numerology had a profound effect on my life. When we worked together, I was going through a painful break-up, which experience not only unsettled me but made me feel at a loss and unsure of myself and my place in the world. As much as I wanted to leave the heartbreak and suffering behind, I felt unable to do so, and my vision of myself was that of a victim.

"Reviewing the archetypes with you helped me remember who I am and gave me a vision for who I could be - who I was meant to be. Your very specific suggestions about how to integrate the archetypes into my life and thoughts, how to give their strengths more power and diminish the influences of the weaknesses, were particularly effective. I changed the way I dressed - which changed the way I looked at myself. I started writing a blog. I performed some rituals. After spending a great deal of time processing the information you gave me, and following your suggestions, I am very happy to report that I have done what you said I needed to do. I've fallen in love with my life."...Leslie H. California

"My work with Marie helped to open up the eyes of my mind and heart to see the possibilities of how I could step into my own destiny. The work shored me up with the courage to see myself through the necessary 'leaps of faith' and acts of surrender that were needed to make scary and difficult changes in the unconscious self defeating behaviors that have been holding me back from embracing my own preciousness and power. Marie's gentle and dynamic exploration of the effects of numerology and archetypes on my life gave me a whole new sense of who I was becoming and made sense of my journey to get here."...Jacquelyn B., Arizona. - Hollow Reed

"I have had the pleasure to work with Marie for over five years and the numerology as well as the archetype readings I received from Marie were, to say the least, awe inspiring. The information was given in terms that I could understand. It was also incredibly eye opening to be able to connect the dots between fate and destiny. Marie was able to take my natal archetype information and apply my actual birth date information and overlay them together. It was so helpful. I use the information she gave me still today and refer back to my numerology chart often. She is clear and direct and wants to make sure that you leave the session having an understood message from the universe. Marie has a way with working with people that is unaltered and loving and compassionate and relaying the truth about our blueprints direct from our creator. I feel our work together helped to remove many blocks that I tried to unlock by my self for years."...Kendra G., Minnesota

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